Michelle A. Morel

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people,”   Eleanor Roosevelt


The Institute of Research and Analysis (TIRA) is a U.S. headquartered big-data-analytics consulting firm with a presence in Zambia. Its vision statement is -Data Driven Development.

As the founder of a Big Data analytics consulting firm, Michelle recognized the opportunity to transform data into a strategic asset for her clients. Her clients include the private sector, Zambian Government, donors, cooperating partners and non-governmental organizations. She delivers solutions that work. Her responsibilities include:

  • Combining creative problem-solving abilities with analytical rigor to drive actionable insights.
  • Developing monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and Key Performance Indicator (KPI’s) frameworks, for strategic business planning, financial reporting and communication e.g. dashboards
  • Performing data segmentation and statistical modeling, in impact assessment and measurement.
  • Data Manipulation & Analysis: Analyze client and market data using various sources of data and tools, such as Business Intelligence (BI) tools
  • Financial and impact reporting, developing presentations and platforms to illustrate complex quantitative analysis and deliver strategic recommendations; final deliverables often take the form of PowerPoint presentations or online dashboards.  She is also a World Bank Group (WBG) Consultant.
* Professional, motivated, and experienced individual with strong background in quantitative methods and 6 sigma project management with various experiences in the financial industry

* Talented in leading and developing deal teams to accomplish strategy-critical goals

* Skilled in identifying problems and recommending practical solutions

* Skilled in identifying problems and recommending practical solutions

* Possess the ability to effectively communicate technical and complex issues to individuals at varying levels

* Excellent background working with international institutions and businesses

Letters of Recommendation Ms Morel 2 Letters of recommendation

Morel_Swedish Ambassador Letter of recommendation

To read her resume- Michelle Antoinette Morel Resume Michelle Morel Resume 2017 


First Lady of Zambia (2005-2008) – Maureen Mwanawasa, Gary Nkhombo MP (Chief Whip – 2018 UPND), Dora Siliya MP, (Minister of Agriculture, 2018)

Received Presidential Appointment from His Excellency Michael Chilufya Sata, the 5th President of the Republic of Zambia, to assist in steering public policy reforms, administration, communication, monitoring, and evaluation.

Founded public policy institution that coordinated with Government. Under Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) agreement with Cabinet Office, she supported Civil Service in; policy formulation, coordination by providing policy analysis, policy briefs, background notes, budget impact assessments of policy changes and Accountant General Analytics on Budget performance. Policy Reforms and communications tools, such as infographics and podcasts.

  • Hon. Guy Scott (Vice President of Zambia 2011-2015 and Saviour Chishimba (UPP Political Party Leader)

    Worked directly with the Ministry of Justice – Internal Legislative Committee as well as other Parliament Committees such as The Extended Committee on Estimates.

  • Directly supported Public Accounts Committee (PAC) on formulating and achieving targets on reducing the abuse of public resources.
  • Supported PAC in collaboration with the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), Police Service and Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC).
  • Within the organization provided the overall intellectual leadership and guidance for the research program and ensured the quality of research, policy agenda, and relevance to the economic and policy needs of Zambia.

Banker and Policy Influencer

Hon. Sylvia Masebo, MP (former Minister of Tourism 2015)
Hon. Sylvia Masebo, MP (Minister of Tourism, 2015)

Michelle has held leadership roles in the banking sector, such as Chief Financial Officer for Manekin Zambia, as well as CFO for ZIPBCC and Head of Financial Markets Sales – Standard Chartered Bank. She spent over 8 years at Caterpillar Financial Services Corporation, where she held numerous roles, the last as Senior Credit Analyst.

Michelle has skillfully combined her banking, 6 Sigma, analytics, public policy and business acumen to help influence and shape public policy. Michelle has set herself apart. She’s mastered the art of working the “Hill’s hallways”, her network is stocked with names of politicians, civil service, power brokers and those who lead economically significant groups and sectors.

Chinese Ambassador to Zambia and author Ngugi wa Thiongo
Chinese Ambassador to Zambia and author Ngugi wa Thiongo
Founding President of the Republic of Zambia, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda
Founding President of the Republic of Zambia, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda
Hon. Miles Sampa (former Deputy Minister Finance)
Hon. Miles Sampa (Deputy Minister of Finance, 2013, Major of Lusaka, 2018)
Vernon Mwaanga, diplomat and politician
Hon. Vernon Mwaanga, diplomat, and politician

Hi I’m an entrepreneur, banker, big data enthusiast, writer, artist, philanthropist and most importantly an unshakable optimist.



She has drafted numerous policy reforms and analysis, communication strategies, and scripts for podcasts, even in local language (Chinyanja), for community radio stations. Her most recent publication is Africa in 50 Years; The Leadership Dimension.

Africa in 50 Years; The Leadership Dimension
Africa in 50 Years; The Leadership Dimension

The discussion document examines the role of leadership in Sub-Saharan Africa vis-à-vis tribalism; it explores the historic to current impact of tribalism within the election outcomes and voting patterns of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe. Furthermore, it utilizes a proposed model, with tribalism as the pivotal variable, to investigate the role of tribalism in elected state governments’. It concludes by proposing a predictive model, via the lens of tribalism, by extrapolating the relationship between tribalism and other factors as well as their interconnectivity towards projecting the future of Sub-Saharan Africa and its impact in the region.

To read the full publication please click here- Africa in 50 Years; The Leadership Dimension



A self-taught artist, internally driven and inspired by the stories behind faces. She documents in oil and mixed media, the scroll of life which we fill-in, through our experiences. Michelle is currently working on a 25-piece series, documenting her interpretation of the “Faces of Zambia” series.

Morel Gallery


Josephine washing
Josephine washing

Josephine thinking Mother and ChildMy lot in lifeFarmer in ChisambaEdith no happy about wash dayDeep in thoughtPF CadreGripping for hope



With Mr. Yusuf Dodia – CEO of Private Sector Development Agency (PSDA).

Michelle Morel is an ambitious leader with the ability to captivate an audience and provide simple, clear solutions for challenging technical content.

Her work experience has provided her with a unique position of working with banking executives, governments, civil servants, parastatal bodies, cooperating partners, corporate executives, start-up entrepreneurs and business professionals. She has presented findings and communication strategies, to Parliamentary bodies and subcommittees, tax revenue authority (Zambia Revenue Authority), the media and legal fraternity. She has also facilitated the events of globally renowned. She has spoken on national television and has been cited in newsprint, television, and radio. She is an avid supporter or Zambian journalists and community radio stations.

Michelle’s presentations are results-oriented, engaging and highly-actionable for all listeners. She has an authoritative voice and an engaging, and highly relevant messages, in topics ranging from the diaspora to taxation.



Since early childhood, Michelle has always been a unique character, the consummate ‘odd one out’, doing things differently and asking “what if” instead of “why”. 


 A long-distance runner, love for tech and computers, she developed an entrepreneur’s heart and learned early on, how to juggle academia, athletics, writing and art time. She also enjoys the golf range and playing the cello.

Throughout her collegiate and post-graduate years, Michelle continued to excel, achieving the following accolades; All American Scholar, President of Tennessee State Univ. 1998 Graduating Class, Dean’s List and Honors Award, 1997-1998, 2006, Danner Scholar, Art Exhibit Award, 1993, Advisory Council Danner Foundation, Task Force of African American Museum Foundation, Advisory committee of US Civil Rights Commission, Elected Who’s Who among Professionals and Executives, Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee (Interning)

Michelle participated in two Senatorial campaigns for Sen. Lamar Alexander. The first in 2003.

Board Member. As a Danner Scholar (Ray Danner and Francis Guess protege) she also participated in the Tennessee campaigns of Sen. Lamar Alexander and Harold Ford Jr.




Michelle supports 15 individuals of various ages and finances their health and education needs.  She has helped Nikiwe for the last 7 years, assisting with high school tuition and later financially supporting her culinary school education. Nikiwe is awaiting her culinary school results and results and is aspiring to one

day own her own restaurant. Michelle facilitated  Nikiwe’s first job, an international position as manager in a Namibian lodge.

Morel Quotations-


There is no such thing as failure, only defining your temporary boundary -Michelle Morel

“Nature is art in motion”, – Michelle Morel

“Push yourself to the absolute limit, and when you can’t take anymore, push again”, – Michelle Morel

“I do it, because it’s difficult.” – Michelle Morel

“Be forged and strengthened by fire”, – Michelle Morel

“Let conviction and moral standards harden your spine, so that you may always walk upright” – Michelle Morel

Swedish Ambassador, Lena Nordstrom
Swedish Ambassador, Lena Nordstrom

Ambassador Lena Nordstrom- “Ms. Morel is without any doubt an excellent organizer and deals effectively both with individuals with technical and non-technical backgrounds; she is a natural troubleshooter and an excellent communicator. She has always taken her role seriously and is zealous about results, constantly cognizant that there are faces and lives beyond the numbers and public policies.”


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